Session view

MyClass LCMS platforms onwards, if your platform uses Course sessions a new view type has become available from the My courses tab. This is a special “sessions” view, which you will find is a very different way of presenting courses and tools (specifically learning paths and tests).


Illustration 195: My courses - Sessions

MyClass LCMS is that the session title is now a link which leads directly to a page whose appearance differs in many ways from the rest of MyClass LCMS. (This is a new format of presentation that we will be studying over the next few months, and we're counting on your help and feedback. Do let us know what you think on the MyClass LCMS.

This new concept relies essentially on a new way of setting up tests and learning paths based on timescales. By making sure each exercise and learning path has a start and end date, the data shown in these screens make far more sense. (As such, it is not well suited to asynchronous teaching i.e. purely remote e-learning, with its relatively free timescales.)


Illustration 196: Sessions – New session screen

Click on the relevant session icon displayed in the My courses page The main screen displays four tabs: Courses, Learning paths, My MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), and My statistics