What are the advantages of MyClass LCMS?

This question is incredibly difficult to answer in a detailed and accurate way, for a number of reasons: A comparison must always be based on specific objectives Software (and Free Software in particular) advances * all the time *, rendering comparisons quickly obsolete. comparisons are mostly subjective, since those who write them will always have a preference.  However, and based on our experience of encounters with large numbers of teachers / tutors, we can affirm that 3 of the main characteristics of MyClass LCMS are: its simplicity of use its visual appeal its server-side efficiency In terms of functionalities, we consider that each LMS project has its functionalities, and usually 90% of them intersect: we have functionalities that others do not have, and others have functionalities that we do not.  Obviously, all these platforms tend to favor proprietary solutions (those that are not Open Source), because they have more economic resources to promote your platform. 

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